We’ve Got To STOP Letting This Stop Us!
We’ve Got To STOP Letting This Stop Us!

I don’t usually use 4-letter words, but today I can’t help it. There’s 1 that’s on my mind right now – it’s simply the worst. People who have it in their emotional vocabulary are letting it kill their dreams and goals before they even get started, and for NO reason.

The 4-letter word I’m talking about is FEAR. People treat it with way too much respect. As if it was really a “thing”. But it’s not! It’s just an illusion. It’s a story in our heads, like the monster under the bed when we were kids. But now that we’re grownups, isn’t it time we killed the monster so we can get on with our lives?

How many of our worst fears actually even happen, EVER? And even when they do, honestly: aren’t they usually a lot less of a big deal than we made up in our imaginations?

Today, I want anyone reading this to just STOP letting fear have any influence -meaning ZERO — over their lives, their decisions, their goals and their dreams. We’re better than that! Here’s a tip — ACTION kills fear every time.

So let’s take action and kick fear to the curb starting today. We’ve got big things to do! Anyone with me? Comment below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE7zHTd8y_g


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