Stop Doing The Bare Minimum!  (Biggest Difference Between Winners & Losers…)
Want to know what sets people who dream of succeeding apart from those who actually DO SUCCEED?

It’s simple, really… The people who succeed are the ones that push a little harder, give a little more, and regularly go that extra step. It may not seem like it matters, but trust me… it does!

Entrepreneurs don’t do the bare minimum.

Listen, I’m always looking for ways to go above and beyond. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing more because I want to be more… I want to be GREAT!

And I know the people who achieve the greatest successes are those who hustle the extra couple steps. They’re the ones that get ahead in life.

Now, I’m not sure who said these words, but they stuck with me…

“Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.”

Seriously, think about that… The next time someone asks for 4 things, don’t just do 4… Do 5 or even 6! See how it pays off in business AND in life 🙂

Remember, don’t stop at the bare minimum. Don’t just settle for what’s “required”. Don’t let go of pushing toward BIG GOALS (and when you reach them, make new goals)!

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